Indoor Plants


  • All of our products are handmade and produced from local materials and resources


  • All terrariums and plant arrangements are subject to availability and may discontinue at anytime


  • Most of our products are limited edition and once they are sold they may not be recreated 


  • We try to replicate as many products as possible for favourability purposes, however, we cannot guarantee that every product will be an exact replication of a particular design. Though efforts are made to ensure we have a bulk supply of the same design, there are no guarantees we can recreate the exact same design twice and as a result of this, all of our handmade products are 100% unique and may not be identical to what you see in photographs


  • C’harriams Greenery takes no responsibility for the care you provide towards your terrarium, house plant or plant display once you have purchased your item


  • Each item will come with a care guide to help you give your plants the best care possible. However, in the unfortunate event that your plant becomes ill, we do not offer any refunds, though will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries on plant care advice.